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Welcome to our Explore the World of Maps Section

Whether you are new to maps or a researcher or simply want to learn more, here WMS offers a wealth of information from its own publications and meetings, as well as from many other resources around the world dedicated to cartography.

Are you New to Maps and cartography and want to learn more?

Do you want to Explore some of the vast array of cartographic Information on the Internet?

Do you want to read some interesting Articles and Papers? 

Do you want to know where to go to See Map Collections?

Are you an Educator seeking resources to teach your students?

Are you interested in seeing and reading about some Featured Historical Maps?

The L’Enfant Plan for Washington, D.C.

The Origin of Gerrymandering
A Portfolio of Interesting Maps Through Time

Do you want to know where you can read print copies of The Portolan?

Would you like to Read two full Complimentary Issues of The Portolan?

Issue 87, Fall 2013 featuring a newly discovered 16th century globe on an ostrich egg

Issue 100, Winter 2017 featuring an article on persuasive cartography

Would you like to know what has been published in The Portolan since its inception?

Do you want to know what cartographic books and articles have been published recently?

WMS has been publishing a list in almost every issue of The Portolan since 1984 and it is all available here.

Would you like to View a Recent Presentation at a WMS meeting on a fascinating cartographic subject: “The Geographical President: How Franklin D. Roosevelt Used Maps to Make and Communicate Strategy?”

Would you like know what all the topics were at all the Past Meetings of WMS? 

Read the descriptions of each of the presentations

Search a database that provides the name, the speaker, topic and other info for each meeting

Joining the Washington Map Society is a great way to meet people who share your interest in maps and cartography. Many of our member meetings and guest lectures include a social component that allows our members to get to know one another. Members are also able to contact fellow colleagues through the WMS membership directory.  Click here to Join. In addition, many of our members are active on the WMS Facebook page, which is open to non-members too. It's a great place to share information about maps and map related events. Click here for the WMS Facebook page.

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