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WMS Board & Key Positions

The WMS is governed by an unpaid, volunteer Board of Directors and officer team.


President, 2021-2023 - Jeffrey Katz

Vice President, 2021-2022 - Ron Grim

Treasurer, 2021-2022 - Peter Porrazzo

Secretary, 2021-2022 - Harold Meinheit


John Docktor (2021-2024)

Cassandra Farrell (2021-2024)

Lars Grava (2020-2023)

Ron Grim (2019-2022)

Robert Hansen (2020-2022)

Jeff Katz (2021-2023)

Tom Litke (2020-2023)

Harold Meinheit (2021-2022)

Peter Porrazzo (2021-2022)

Andrew Rhodes (2021-2024)

Thomas Sander (2021-2023)

Key Positions:

Portolan Journal Editor - Leah Thomas

Portolan Journal Editor Emeritus - Thomas F. Sander

Ristow Prize Chair - Katherine Parker

Membership Chair - to be named

Program Chair - Ron Grim

Webmaster – Eliane Dotson

Jeffrey Katz, President

Ron Grim, Vice President

Pete Porrazzo, Treasurer

Hal Meinheit, Secretary

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