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Articles & Papers

Here are some articles and papers, we at the Washington Map Society think may be of interest to anyone and everyone!  They come from our journal, The Portolan, and from our members.

Mapping Disease

Mapping Public Health in Nineteenth Century Oxford by Laura Bouchard Killingsworth

Three Part Series on the Mapping the Spread of Covid 19 by John Hessler

- Using Geospatial Nucleotide Mutations

- Using Artificial Neural Networks

- Using Bioacoustic Signals

Collecting Maps

10 Things Every Map Collector Should Know by Eliane Dotson

Care of Old Maps by Joel Kovarsky

Identifying Fake vs. Authentic Maps by Eliane Dotson

Mapmakers Over Time

16th Century by Joe McAlhany

17th Century by Eliane Dotson

18th Century by Joe McAlhany

19th Century by Jon Dotson

20th Century by Eliane Dotson

United States

State of Franklin by Eliane Dotson

Atlases of A. J. Johnson by Ira S. Lourie

Henry F. Walling & the Mapping of New England’s Towns by Michael Buehler

The Early United States Land System by Jon Dotson

Picturing a Networked Nation: U. S. Postal Maps by Larry Caldwell & Michael Buehler

Around the Globe

Mapping the World by Eliane Dotson

GPS 1.0 beta, AKA Britannia Depicta … by Leigh Lockwood

The Bishops Map: Vietnamese & Western Cartography Converge by Harold Meinheit

And More

Mapping Our Ancestors – Part I by Eliane Dotson

Mapping Our Ancestors – Part II by Eliane Dotson

Expanding A Child’s World by Marianne McKee

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