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The Portolan

Issue #95 - Spring 2016


Lost and found: Hendrick Doncker II’s Nieuw Groot Zeekaart Boek. Amsterdam. 1714, by Jason Hubbard and Frederik Muller

“Re-stating” John Henry’s 1770 Map of Virginia, by Jay Lester

The Use of Maps in Legal Proceedings, by J.C. McElveen

The Albert H. Small Map Collection, Part 2, by James M. Goode


This regular feature, a bibliographic listing of articles and books appearing worldwide on antique maps and globes and the history of cartography, is compiled by Joel Kovarsky.


Revolution: Mapping the Road to American Independence, 1755-1783 (Reviewer: Erik Goldstein)

Malta Map Society Journal (Reviewer: Bert Johnson)

A World of Innovation – Cartography in the Time of Gerhard Mercator (Reviewer: Edward Kirsch)

British Historic Towns Atlas – Volume IV – Windsor and Eton (Reviewer: Henry Steward)

Map: Exploring the World (Reviewer: Cassandra Farrell)

Metropolis – Mapping the City (Reviewer: John Fondersmith)


1. International Conference – October 2016 - Facts or Fictions: Debating the Mysteries of Early Modern Science and Cartography – A Celebration of the 500th Anniversary of Waldseemüller’s 1516 Carta Marina

2. Washington Map Society Meetings: March – May 2016

3. Exhibitions and Meetings

4. Map Site Seeing

5. Ristow Prize Competition 2016

6. Remembering John Amadeus Wolter (1925-2015), by Ralph Ehrenberg

7. Thomas (Ottoman Tom) Goodrich (1927 – 2015), by Thomas Sander

8. Spotlight on the WMS Membership – Clarence (Ky) Kylander, Nancy Goddin Miller, William C. Wooldridge

9. Cartographic Notes, compiled by Thomas Sander

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