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The Portolan

Issue #94 - Winter 2015


The Consul’s Maps - Diplomacy, Cartography and Japan’s 1874 Formosa Expedition, by Harold E. Meinheit

Washington’s World, by Rob Shenk

MapScholar: A New Digital Tool for Displaying Map Collections Online by Max Edelson with Shane Lin

ICHC 2015 in Antwerp – An After-Action Report, by Bert Johnson

The Ostrich Egg and the Hunt-Lenox Globes: Commentaries and Responses

Commentary of Dickson Commentary of Fall 2015, by Gregory McIntosh

Response to Missinne and McIntosh, Peter W. Dickson

Letter to the Editor, by Kurt Guckelsberger

Response to Guckelsberger, by Stefaan Missinne

The Albert H. Small Map Collection, Part 1, by James M. Goode


This regular feature, a bibliographic listing of articles and books appearing worldwide on antique maps and globes and the history of cartography, is compiled by Joel Kovarsky.


Mapping the West with Lewis & Clark (Reviewer: Joel Kovarsky)

Der Erdglobus des Johannes Schöner von 1515 (Reviewer: Suzanne Karr Schmidt)

Mapping the Cold War: Cartography and the Framing of America’s International Power (Reviewer: Wes Reisser)

Stitching the World: Embroidered Maps and Women’s Geographical Education (Reviewer: Karen Trifonoff)

Art Quilt Maps (Reviewer: Bert Johnson)


1. President’s Winter 2015 Letter, by Ed Redmond

2. Passing of John A. Wolter

3. Results of 2015 Ristow Prize Competition

4. Washington Map Society Meetings: December 2015 – May 2016

5. Exhibitions and Meetings

6. Map Site Seeing

7. Ristow Prize Competition 2016

8. Spotlight on the WMS Membership – Cassandra Farrell, Stephen Nagler, William A. Stanley

9. Cartographic Notes (including P.J. Mode’s Persuasive Cartography), by Thomas Sander

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