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The Portolan

Issue #81 - Fall 2011


Expanding a Child’s World: a Selected Bibliography of Books Relating to Maps for Children and Young Readers by Marianne McKee

The Sea Monsters of Olaus Magnus: Classifying Wonder in the Natural World of Sixteenth Century Europe by Emma Thompson

George Washington's America: A Biography Through His Maps by Barnet Schecter

Elizabeth Taylor and the Map-maker by Eugene Scheel

Triple Texas Map Extravaganza – October 2010 by Bert Johnson

A Visit to the Museo Nacional de la Cartografía, Mexico D. F. by Leigh Lockwood

immodicus notitia = Too much information (A Primer on RSS Feeds) by Leigh Lockwood


This regular feature, a bibliographic listing of articles and books appearing worldwide on antique maps and globes and the history of cartography, is compiled by Joel Kovarsky.


Journeys beyond the neatline: expanding the boundaries of cartography (Reviewer: Leah Thomas)

Imagining Mount Athos - Visions of a Holy Place, from Homer to World War II (Reviewer: Bert Johnson)

Torn in Two – 150th Anniversary of the Civil War (Reviewer: Richard Stephenson)

Johann Schöner’s Globe of 1515 – Transcription and Study (Reviewer: John Grubbins)


1. Washington Map Society Meetings, September 2011 – April 2012

2. President’s Fall 2011 Letter, by Dennis Gurtz

3. WMS Annual Dinner – May 2011, by Thomas Sander

4. WMS Business Meeting – April 2011, by Harold E. Meinheit

5. Exhibitions and Meetings

6. Map Site Seeing

7. Ristow Prize Competition 2012

8. Spotlight on the WMS Membership – Patrick Ahrens, Rolph Langlais, James Wolf

9. Cartographic Notes, by Thomas F. Sander

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