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The Portolan

Issue #61 - Winter 2004-2005


Record of an Ideal: Father Francesco Giuseppe Bressani’s 1657 Map of New France by Louis Cardinal

A Tribute to David Woodward by Kenneth Nebenzahl

Normandy Maps and Models by Peter Hesse

Ortelius’s Chesapeake by William C. Wooldridge

Discovery of the New World Through Old Maps by Wes Brown

Historic Maps of Russia, by Steve Boulay


A regular feature in The Portolan, this is a bibliographic listing of articles and books appearing worldwide on antique maps and globes and the history of cartography. By Eric W. Wolf.


Early Mapping of the Pacific (Reviewer: Bill Warren)

Cartographica Extraordinaire (Reviewer: Joel Kovarsky)

Washington Images: Rare Maps and Prints from the Albert H. Small Collection (Reviewer: John Fondersmith)

Das neu entdeckte Schlarraffenland (Reviewer: Eric Wolf)

C&O Canal Map (Reviewer: Ralph Ehrenberg)

McElfresh Map of Normandy June 1944 (Reviewer: Peter Hesse)


1. Washington Map Society Meetings, January - May 2005

2. Exhibitions and Meetings

3. Letters to the Editor

4. 2004 Ristow Prize – Announcement of Winner

5. 2005 Ristow Prize Competition

6. IMCoS in Italy 2004 by Bert Johnson

7. Two Dozen Suggestions for ICHC 2005 by Bert Johnson

8. A Copperplate Special at the Library of Virginia

9. WMS Business Meeting of March 25, 2004 by Steve Vogel

10. Spotlight on the WMS Membership – Covington, Enggass, and McKee

11. Map Site Seeing: Key World Wide Web map sites

12. Cartographic Notes by Thomas F. Sander

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