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The Portolan

Issue #60 - Fall 2004


Russian Navy Mapping Activities in the Eastern and Southern Mediterranean (Late 18th Century) by Mitia Frumin (This paper is the winner of Honorable Mention in the 2003 Ristow Prize for Cartographic History and Map Librarianship.)

General Lee’s Forgotten Mapmaker: Major Albert H. Campbell and the Department of Northern Virginia’s Topographical Department by Richard W. Stephenson

Portolan Charts: The Key to Navigation in the Mediterranean and Beyond by Richard Pflederer

Experimental Cartography in the Palestine Campaign, 1915-1918 by Dov Gavish

“In der Vergulde Sonnewijser” (In the Golden Sundial): a Biography of Willem Janszoon Blaeu (1571-1638) by Mark P. Kumler


A regular feature in The Portolan, this is a bibliographic listing of articles and books appearing worldwide on antique maps and globes and the history of cartography. By Eric W. Wolf.


A Railroad Atlas of the United States in 1946 (Volume 1 – The Mid-Atlantic States) (Reviewer: John F. Baesch)

Journey into Africa: The Life and Death of Keith Johnston, Scottish Cartographer and Explorer (1844-79) (Reviewer: Wulf Bodenstein)

Late 19th Century Atlases of Massachusetts Counties on CD – 1876 F. W. Beers Atlas of Essex County CD-ROM (Reviewer: Clarence E. Kylander)

The Road to There: Mapmakers and their Stories (Reviewer: Marianne M. McKee)


1. Washington Map Society Meetings, September 2004-January 2005

2. Exhibitions and Meetings

3. 2005 Ristow Prize Competition

4. WMS Anniversary Symposium and Celebration May 20-22, 2004 by Thomas F. Sander

5. ICHC 2005 by Bert Johnson

6. “The Map Makers” – on the TV History Channel

7. BIMCC 6th Anniversary Meeting in Brussels by Thomas F. Sander

8. Maps at the National Library of China by Thomas F. Sander

9. Spotlight on the WMS Membership – McAuliffe, Pool, Severy

10. Map Site Seeing: Key World Wide Web map sites

11. Cartographic Notes by Thomas F. Sander

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