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The Portolan

Issue #54 - Fall 2002


The Traditional Cartography of The Islamic Classical Societies. by Dr. Cyrus Ala’i

Caring for Maps on Paper. by Heather Egan Wanser (includes guide to Preservation and Conservation Resources)

The Cartographic Traveler. by Thomas F. Sander

Putting ‘Little’ Washington on the Map. by Eugene M. Scheel

The Shapes of Texas – The Cartographic Evolution of an Icon. by Walt Wilson

Private Collectors and Collections on the Virginia Tidewater Peninsula. by Pearce S. Grove

Maps and Friends in Petersburg and Richmond. A Meeting of the Cumming Map Society by James (Hal) Hardaway


A regular feature in The Portolan, this is a bibliographic listing of articles and books appearing worldwide on antique maps and globes and the history of cartography. By Eric W. Wolf.


Maps of Medieval Thought – The Hereford Paradigm. And A Wheel of Memory – The Hereford Mappemundi. CD-ROM. (Combined Review by Evelyn Edson)

Seeing Through Maps. (Review by Eric W. Wolf)


1. Washington Map Society Meetings, September 2002 – January 2003.

2. Exhibitions and Meetings.

3. 2003 Ristow Prize Competition.

4. In Memory of Alice Theodora Merten Rechlin Perkins. by Barbara Adele Fine

5. Putting Lancaster on the Map. by John W. Docktor

6. WMS Annual Business Meeting of May 16, 2002. Notes by Steve Vogel

7. 20th International Conference on the History of Cartography 2003. by Bert Johnson

8. Spotlight on the Membership - WMS Members Blake, Bornholt and Lange.

9. Walter C. McCrone Dies at 86.

10. Map Site Seeing: Key World Wide Web map sites.

11. Cartographic Notes. By Thomas F. Sander

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