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The Portolan

Issue #49 - Winter 2000-2001


The Atlases of A. J. Johnson. by Ira S. Lourie

Survey and Resurvey of the Fairfax Line. by David Lee Ingram

Old Maps of Cuba. by Emilio Cueto

The Classical Atlas Project – Mapping the Greek and Roman World: Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World. by Steve Vogel.

The New Quads Ain’t What They Used to Be. by Eugene M. Scheel

The Cartographic Community: Through a Glass, Oddly. (A Look at The Island of Lost Maps) by Hubert O. Johnson


A regular feature in The Portolan, this is a bibliographic listing of articles and books appearing worldwide on antique maps and globes and the history of cartography. By Eric W. Wolf.


Virginia in Maps: Four Centuries of Settlement, Growth, and Development. (Review by Margaret B. Pritchard)

Pirî Reis Map of 1513. (Review by Svat Soucek)

The Map Collector Library Series, Antique Map Reference CD-ROM 2000, Heritage Map Museum. (Review by John W. Docktor)


1. Washington Map Society Meetings, January- May 2001.

2. Exhibitions and Meetings.

3. 2001 Ristow Prize Competition.

4. Extravaganza, Indeed: The October 2000 Garrett Lectures and Texas Map Society Meeting. By Alice Hudson and Bert Johnson

5. The Stewart Museum Globe Symposium, October 19-22, 2000. By John W. Docktor

6. Map Site Seeing, key World Wide Web map sites.

7. Cartographic Notes, by Thomas F. Sander (Includes a summary of the IMCoS Annual Symposium in Iceland, September 2000).

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