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The Portolan

Issue #24 - Spring 1992



The Changing Face of Hudson Bay - Cartographic or Chronologic Dilemma? By Carl G. Schuster.

Marine Corps Maps. A summary by Marc Cheves of a visit to the Marine Corps Museum and a presentation to the Society by George MacGillivray.

Mapping New Worlds: The Planet Venus. A summary by Melanie Gardner of a presentation to the Society by Dr. David Okerson.

Richmond Field Trip by WMS. A report by John W. Docktor and Susan Docktor of a Society field trip to the Virginia State Library and Archives, the Valentine Museum, the Virginia Historical Society, and the Berkeley Hotel.

The Amusement of My Leisure Hours: The John Innys Collection. A summary by Jeanne Young of a presentation to the Society by Dr. Helen Wallis.


A regular feature in The Portolan, this is a bibliographic listing of articles and books appearing worldwide on antique maps and globes and the history of cartography. By Eric W. Wolf.


Keys to the Encounter: A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of the Age of Discovery. By Dr. Louis De Vorsey, Jr. (Review by Eric W. Wolf)

Columbus: An Annotated Guide to the Scholarship on His Life and Writings, 1750-1988. By Foster Provost. (Review by Eric W. Wolf)

Shedding the Veil: Mapping the European Discovery of America and the World. By Thomas Suárez. (Review by Eric W. Wolf)


1. Exhibitions, Meetings, and Events, April - November 1992.

2. Washington Map Society Officers and Board, 1992-1993.

3. News You Can Use: Suppliers of Conservation Materials and Services.

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