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The Portolan

Issue #23 - Winter 1992



Charting the Americas: 500 Years of Progress. By Captain Albert E. Theberge, NOAA.

City of Magnificent Distances: The Nation’s Capitol. A summary by Joyce Gross of a presentation to the Society by Richard Stephenson describing the Library of Congress exhibition.

The Columbus Quincentenary Program. A summary by Charles A. Burroughs of a trio of presentations to the Society by Dr. John Hébert (Library of Congress` program), Dr. Alicia Gonzalez (Smithsonian program), and Joseph Judge (Why Maps are Useless in Determining the Columbus Landfall).

What Map Collecting Means to Me. A summary by Nancy Goddin Miller and Michael Miller of a panel discussion by Society members.

IMCoS Ninth International Symposium. A report by Robert A. Highbarger on the event in Singapore and Sydney .


A regular feature in The Portolan, this is a bibliographic listing of articles and books appearing worldwide on antique maps and globes and the history of cartography. By Eric W. Wolf.


1. Washington Map Society Meetings and Events, February - May 1992.

2. Exhibitions and Meetings, February - August 1992.

3. Obituary of J. Brian Harley. By Charles A. Burroughs.

4. Orienteer! The Thinking Sport. A description of an outing by Society members with the Quantico Orienteerning Club.

5. Cartographic Notes: Ralph Ehrenberg appointed new Chief, Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress.

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