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The Portolan

Issue #111 - Fall 2021


From the Hilltops: The British Mapping of Afghanistan, 1839-1919 (the Ristow Prize Winning Article 2020), by Emily Boak

Joachim Lelewel's Editing of Early Maps, ca. 1850, by Matthew Edney

A Favorite Map: Abert and Peck's 1845 Exploration of the Southwest, by Wes Brown

Forgotten Cartographic Treasures of the Spanish Enlightenment, by Dirk de Pagter

Giovanni Andreas Di Vavassore's World Map of c. 1522.  Discussion and a Proposed Derivation, by Donald McGuirk

Who Cares About the Maps of A. J. Johnson?, by Ira Lourie


This regular feature, a bibliographic listing of articles and books appearing worldwide on antique maps and globes and the history of cartography, is compiled by Leah M. Thomas


The Politics of Maps: Cartographic Constructions of Israel/Palestine (Reviewer: Zachary Foster)

Time in Maps: from the Age of Discovery to our Digital Era (Reviewer: Paula Rebert)

The Eternal City: A History of Rome in Maps (Reviewer: Georgia L. Irby)

The Underground Railroad and the Geography of Violence in Antebellum America (Reviewer: Timothy Fritz)


1. WMS President’s Fall 2021 Letter, by Jeff Katz

2. Your New WMS Website, by Eliane Dotson and Peter Porrazzo

3. WMS Annual Business Meeting - May 2021, by Hal Meinheit

4. Washington Map Society Meetings: Fall - Winter 2021/2022

5. Exhibitions and Meetings

6. Ristow Prize Competition 2022

7. Map Site Seeing

8. Eleanor Abbey Remembered, by Bill Stanley

9. Passing of Dr. Joe Fitzgerald

10. Cartographic Notes, compiled by Thomas Sander

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