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The Portolan

Issue #117 - Fall 2023


How Doctored Ethnic Maps Helped Determine the Eastern Boundaries of Post-WWI Lithuania and Poland, by Andrew Kapochunas

In Conversation with David Rumsey, by John Hessler (click to read article)

Mapping the First Cases of COVID, by John Hessler

Maps in Current Exhibits at the National Portrait Gallery, by Ronald Grim

USNS Marie Tharp – Navy Renames Survey Ship, by


This regular feature, a bibliographic listing of articles and books appearing worldwide on antique maps and globes and the history of cartography, is compiled by Louis Miller.


Encounters in the New World: Jesuit Cartography of the Americas. (Reviewer: Roberto Chauca)

More City than Water: A Houston Flood Atlas (Reviewer: G. Riley Hetherington, III)

The Invention of the Maghreb: Between Africa and the Middle East. (Reviewer: Laura Townsend)

“Westward the Course of Empire”: Exploring and Settling the American West, 1803-1869: Books and Maps from the Collection of J. C. McElveen, Jr. (Reviewer: Michael Gunther)

Surveying in Early America: The Point of Beginning, An Illustrated History (Reviewer: Andrew Adamson)

Mapping Fairy-Tale Space: Pastiche and Metafiction in Borderless Tales (Reviewer:  Keri Stevenson)


1. WMS President’s Fall 2023 Letter, by Jeffrey Katz

2. Washington Map Society Meetings, Fall/Winter 2023

3. Exhibitions and Meetings

4. Ristow Prize Competition 2024

5. WMS Business Meeting, April 19, 2023, by Hal Meinheit

6. WMS Annual Dinner, May 19, 2023, by Tom Sander

7. Join the Editorial Advisory Board

8. Ten Key Points for Map Collectors, by Rodney Shirley

9. Cartographic Notes, by Tom Sander

10. Map Site Seeing

11. Index to Advertisers

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