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The Portolan

Issue #119 - Spring 2024


Polar Hemispheres: The Overlooked Alternative to Nautical Planispheres in Renaissance Iberia    by Luis A. Robles Macias     Ristow Prize Winning Article 2023

Mapping Indigenous Interisland Movement in the Caribbean: Incidents Recorded from the Columbian Voyages, 1492-1493 by Al M. Rocca

The Early Work of Herman Moll in London: In Search of a Cartographic Aesthetic? by Dennis Reinhartz

Self-Representations by Cartographers on Maps: An Update by Chet Van Duzer

Mapping the Last Pool of Darkness - A Tribute to Cartographer Tim Robinson (1935-2020) by John Hessler


This regular feature, a bibliographic listing of articles and books appearing worldwide on antique maps and globes and the history of cartography, is compiled by Louis Miller.


The Cartography of Magellan/A Cartografia de Magalhães (Reviewer: Richard Pflederer)

African Impressions: How African Worldviews Shaped the British Geographical Imagination Across the Early Enlightenment (Reviewer:  Patrick Leonard)

The A to Z of Regency London 1819 (Reviewer: Francis Herbert)

The Deepest Map: The High-Stakes Race to Chart the World’s Oceans (Reviewer: Bruce Jones)

Berlinghieri's Geography Unveiled (Reviewer: Benjamin B. Olshin)


1. WMS President’s Spring 2024 Letter, by Jeffrey Katz

2. Washington Map Society Meetings, Spring 2024, by Ron Grim

3. Exhibitions and Meetings

4. Ristow Prize Competition 2024

5. Harald Osher (1924-2023), by Matthew Edney

6.Cartographic Notes, by Tom Sander

7. Map Site Seeing

8. Index to Advertisers

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